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I think human beings have created enough technology for now. Rather than worship the need to create more shit... why don't we worship the need to make better use of the stuff we have?All this stuff, this technology, mirrors our internal "stuff'. We create external stuff so we can better understand our internal stuff. I create flickering light projector machines so I can fill it with my dreams said the monkey. That's the technology of film. Now we've created a flickering light box that attaches to your face and quite literally takes hold of your perception. Our reality itself momentarily hijacked by our increased need for intimacy... with a machine. This is VR.So why did the monkey create this? Why did it create an experience making device like VR?
Was the monkey's experience with his own eyes and ears not enough? Was there something he didn't like about his reality, something not right in his external dream?
Maybe... the impulse to create a technology like VR was fundamentally motivated by a desire to go deeper inside ourselves. The latest manifestation of a long cultural project of externalisation... But which had at its heart all along, an aching desire for a deeper connection with the experience of our internal identity, a deeper connection with our Self.
When we failed to explore outer space like our sci-fi dreams had reached for, when failed rocket ships fell back to earth, we should have interpreted the same message. That was far enough. This is not only a limitation in our external and technological power but also a fundamental limit of the current paradigm of materialism that Science has progressed upon. For centuries now we have run the risk of over externalising ourselves and pulling a muscle in our soul!Working in VR makes me feel like we need to play catch up to what this technology actually does. It's a big thing. I think it will ultimately teach us... that what we are really looking for is an engagement with an image.... that image is our Self and it exists within, not out there in outer space.The final image of the Major Arcana in the Tarot cards is an image of an embodied true Self deeply connected with and present in the world itself. It is a self that is both internalised ideal and a birthed reality.This is why I'm working to bring Tarot into VR. The sooner we set our culture off on a pilgrimage to the soul, as represented by the image of the Self we hold within, the sooner we might find it... and the sooner we can get on with the much overlooked cultural project of connecting more deeply with our world.Then at that point we might be able to explore outer space without trashing the place!

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