"The vision of a connected universe, which places humanity and the individual at its centre should be valued, not for its literal truth but for what it is able to provide us metaphorically and symbolically. Such narratives which, if philosophically grasped, may well represent a universal narrative within which we are are all participating. If we live in a world of images, where the first person vantage point and our faculty of interpretation are valued, then such ideas become deeply important in the pursuit of a meaningful narrative in the immersive arts, which increasingly seems to be simulating an aspect of reality itself. To once again envision ourselves as part of a fundamentally connected world and universe, as opposed to a meaningless machine, represents an important shift of metaphor. If we are to liberate ourselves from the potential illusory power of images in virtual reality, for example, then it would rely on such a cosmological and philosophical understanding to inform our very choice of the images we use and the way we purpose the immersive art experience."Quote from "The Art of Transforming The World: Tarot & The Future of Immersive Experience" - Adam Malone (2020)